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Shayateen in Ramadhaan

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


In Ramadhaan do Ruqaa have the month off since shayateen are chained up?

Is it extra work to get rid of the sihr, or is it easier now?



It’s work as usual because only the مردة الشياطين rebellious devils, are locked up. The general Jinn population, as is with Insaan, are free. However due to the increase of quraan tilaawah and ibaadah different situations may arise:


1. Symptoms in some would either go away completely or lessen. This will take place in situations where the sihr is of a lighter nature and/or in cases where the Jinn are not “bound” to the patient.

2. With regards to patients who are affected on a more serious level they could actually feel worse (at least initially) in this Mubarak month.

This is due to the Jinn that is associated to the patients’ case being affected by the increase of ibaadah and not being able to stand the recitation of quraan, fasting etc. affecting the patient more, to try prevent the patient from the ibadat.

If the Jinn is not “bound” to the individual then it will prefer to leave when the individual makes the ibaadah and return later or maybe leave for ramadhaan and return thereafter, or possibly even leave for good as in situation 1.

However, in some cases, more commonly when the sihr done is of a more complicated nature the Jinn could be attached or bound to the patient in a way that the Jinn can not leave of its own accord. The Jinn will then obviously do it’s best to prevent the ibadah.

In other cases, such as when the patient has very severe sihr in conjunction with past traumatic experiences the jinn will be able to stay and continue to affect the patient regardless of the extra ibadah, as the Jinn uses this as a “shield” of sorts.

An important point to remember is that the magic is a bigger problem issue than the jinn. The magic (and in some cases past traumatic experiences) is what protects or bounds the jinn. Therefore, quraanic treatment is crucial to remove the magic and psychotherapy for the trauma.


The important thing in Ruqyah is to make niyyah intention for cure from the mystical issues otherwise that particular effect of the Quraan would not be active to the required level. (As opposed to merely reciting for reward etc)


3. Furthermore patients might be disinclined to ibadat on a whole whilst affected, not wanting to read salaah, fast etc. So besides lessening or getting worse things could actually stay exactly the same, due to the fact that there was no extra ibaadah in the life of the affected person. 

In general, though Ramadhaan is an opportune period for affected people to capitalise on the blessing which comes with the month of the Quraan.


And Allah knows best. 



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