This diagnosis is not to be taken as medical advice.

If you have four or more symptoms from any of the above categories, then there is a problem, you should immediately start doing self Ruqyah treatment or seek the assistance of a reliable and reputable Raaqi.


Symptoms are divided into four categories:


1.      Unusual blockages in life:


A blockage is termed as something which is repetitive, systematic and no actual apparent reason for its occurrence. Examples of these are:


1.      Performance of Salaah especially and any Deeni actions is a real battle.

2.     Cannot get a job.

3.     Start off projects but somehow, they never reach a culmination, or the intended achievement and you must rebuild your life or works from time to time.

4.     Feel tied down in life, unable to make a success of anything.

5.     Cannot get married or maintain a relationship, you feel unusually distant or separated.

6.     Always losing money, like there is no blessings in it and you cannot account for it.

7.     People make promises but never come through.

8.     Have difficulty in learning.

9.     Cannot fall pregnant.



2.     Unusual mental states


1.      Do you have doubts about Islam or Allah himself?

2.     Been through a traumatic experience which you have not overcome. Negative emotions when thinking about any incident.

3.    Always feeling sad and depressed for no apparent reason, this depression even leaves one feeling suicidal. Overwhelmed with hopelessness, laziness, feeling that you not going anywhere in life?

4.     Communication problems. Feel misunderstood, and this leads to arguments and separation.

5.     Over thinking which hampers your ability to think pragmatically and clearly.

6.     Experience fear? Have unusual phobias? Panic, anxiety attacks? 

7.     Anger for no reason or excessive anger, more than warranted for a situation. Rage.

8.     Lack of concentration, Lack self-confidence, low self-esteem, Indecisiveness, Confusion.

9.     Perpetual worry for no reason.

10. When you look in the mirror, do you perceive your face to be unusually pale, dark, or ugly?

11.   Always suspicious, feel that people think bad about you even though that may not be the case.

12.  Always forgetting important things.

13.  Have any compulsions and addictions.

14. Feel like you are going crazy.

15.  Unusually stubborn.

16. Loss of concentration blanking out when talking or losing track when trying to do work.

17.  Feel that people are always repulsed by you.

18. Hear unusual noises, buzzing, ringing sounds or voices talking to you or calling you.

19. See movement from the corner of your eye, like someone passing by but when you turn to look there is no one there? When alone do you feel like some is watching you? See shadows?




3.     Unusual Health Issues


1.      Doctors cannot explain what is wrong and do not give a conclusive diagnosis.

2.     Doctors say your illness is rare or give an unusual name to your illness.

3.     Do you have a handicapped or special-needs child?

4.     Medication does not have an effect.

5.     Always sick, move from one illness to the other, or stuck on one illness and not getting better.

6.     Get unusual pains for no reason, stabbing pains, throbbing, pulsating feelings in the body.

7.     Irregular monthly cycles: Regular, Painful, very uncomfortable, Excessive bleeding.

8.     Intimacy problems, lack of libido, painful, impotence, sterility, infertility.

9.     Stomach always bloated.

10. Heartburn, indigestion, irregular bowel movements.

11.   Unexplainable bruises, scratches, or marks on your body which you cannot recall or remember.

12.  Skin issues, eczema, psoriasis, spots, etc.

13.  Get crawling sensations on your body or pins and needles for no medical reason?

14. Difficulty falling asleep at night. Feeling sleepy during the day?

15.  Do you sweat from your forehead, back, hands and feet especially at night?

16. Pain in shoulders and lower back?

17.  Excessive urination?

18. Body has an odour even if you had a bath/shower?

19. Unusual hair loss

20.Unusual Smelly breath?

21.  Unusual weight loss

22. Unusual tooth decay or bone issues

23. Do you faint or get epileptic attacks

24. Constant headaches or migraines.

25. Feel unusually hot adverse to the weather.

26.Feel unusually cold adverse to the weather.

27. Issues with the feet or calves.

28. Unusual eye problems.




4.     Dreams and nightmares:


Do you experience any of the following in your dreams or nightmares?

1.      Blood.

2.     People chasing after you or fighting, Accidents, Crime, pinned down whilst sleeping, sleep paralysis.

3.     Have a falling sensation, feel like you are falling when you still on the bed.

4.     Snakes.

5.     Group or crowds of people, letters, numbers.

6.     Water, rivers, seas, tsunami, swimming, anything to do with water.

7.     Death, people who have died, living people dead, cemetery.

8.     Tree, mountains, tall buildings, flying, high places.

9.     Hair.

10. Stars.

11.   Pictures.

12.  Crazy people.

13.  Donkeys, horses.

14. Spiders.

15.  Frogs.

16. Fish.

17.  Urine, stool, toilet.

18. Idols, statues.

19. Dogs, lions, cats, animals of prey.

20.Fire, smoke.

21.  Children or babies.

22. Travelling, Different types of transport and places. 

23. Bones, teeth.

24. Sexual dreams.

25. Dolls.

26. Meat.

27. People doing rituals

28. Rats, pigs, Disgusting animals, dead bodies of animals.



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