Eradication of shirk from the lives of people and bring total reliance in Allah (Ta’ala).




Training one Raaqi per home or family, Insha Allah.




Protection of the Imaan and Aqeedah (beliefs) of Muslims thus saving them from shirk.


Using Ruqyah as a means of Da’wah to non-Muslims who come for Ruqyah treatment.


Assit people who are suffering due to Magic, Jinn and Evil eye (Nazr).


Fight shirk, magic, shayateen, devils, sorcerers, those asking for magic to be done.


To break the money-making business of Aamils or Raaqis who charge too much and keep Ruqyah a secret.


To assist the community socially by helping in the erradication of substance abuse, prostitution, crime, etc. when these evils are the result of magic being done to them to ruin their lives.