The Holy Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) has given us duas to recite during times of extreme emotion, example: anger, sadness, fear, pleasure, worry, etc. These duas assist in protecting us from those shayaateen who take advantage of us when we become vulnerable due to emotions.




Psychotherapy is a mental technique which assists in relieving a person from the trauma that they have not overcome as yet. When we experience something painful, it stays within us. It gives us negative feelings and abnormal reactions.


Psychotherapy is to remove the negative emotional effects of trauma. Once psychotherapy is done, we will still be able recall everything, draw lessons, etc. however we will no longer suffer the trauma of these past sufferings.


Psychotherapy assists in distinguishing between psychological problems and mystical problems. It is necessary to put things into perspective.


For example, if we speak about problems between couples, we must be able to differentiate between the normal problems which exist in the couple and the abnormal which will make us conclude that “This problem is not normal, the problem is connected to magic and jinn”.


Some patients suffer from serious psychological problems (this does not exclude them having problems of magic & jinn well).


Sometimes the psychological problem is greater than the mystical problem, or the psychological problem blocks the patient from being cured of magic & Jinn.


Due to a patient being highly affected psychologically, the situation gives strength to the Jinn and witchcraft, which will allow it to dominate the patient.


Therefore, it is necessary to treat the patient concurrently for psychological problems as well as for the Sihr problems.


The effects of the trauma weaken the patient; even if the person believes that they have overcome the problem, it is not really so: the trauma still remains in the subconscious, and this will always be a handicap which allows the Jinn to dominate him.


The shayaateen will make whisperings to the patient reminding of the trauma, aiming to bring about negative emotions which will then allow magic and jinn to dominate the patient.


Therefore, when anyone overcomes the effects of trauma, it makes him/her less vulnerable to the Jinn and to black magic.