If you are not getting better, consider the following:



Doing treatment without intentions.


Lack of conviction.


Not doing treatment or doing incomplete treatment.


Stopping treatment because you feel better without being completely cured.


Stopping treatment & losing hope in the event of things getting worse. In some situations, things get worse before they get better.


Cupping (hijamah) therapy with the ruqyah recitations not done as often as required.


Psychotherapy not done.


Over reliance on the Raaqi and not doing proper focused treatment.


Sinning whilst doing treatment.


Turning to previous raaqis and aamils.


Jumping from one treatment to the other.


Use of ta’weez and amulets during ruqyah treatment.


Repeat attacks from magicians.


Seeking spirituality amongst people who could be making shirk (ascribing partners with Allah (Ta’ala).