Without intention, and simply doing the treatment ritually will have very little effect.


🤲 Oh Allah cure me from all health issues, all mental issues, all mystical issues, and all spiritual issues,


🤲 Oh Allah cure me from every type of sihr, jinn possession, jinn effect, jealousy, and evil eye.


🤲 Oh Allah remove all blockages from my life,


🤲 Oh Allah remove all forms of separation from my life,


🤲 Oh Allah forgive me for any incorrect treatments I may have done,


🤲 Oh Allah remove all jinn & harm that may have from that incorrect treatment,


🤲 Oh Allah destroy all types of magic affecting me wherever it may be, and however it was made, 


🤲 Oh Allah destroy all affecting me inside of my body or outside,


🤲 Oh Allah return the magic to and destroy all magicians making magic on me and my family,


🤲 Oh Allah return the magic to and destroy all those asking magic to be done on me and have hasad (jealousy) for me and my family,


🤲 Oh Allah remove all magic and jinn that may have been passed to me, due to attacks or any other reason, from my previous family generation,


🤲 Oh Allah correct all my worldly problems for the sake of my my deen,


🤲 Oh Allah make this a means of me becoming your beloved,


🤲 Oh Allah grant me cure from everything that is in your knowledge and I do not even know about and have not made the intention for.


Thereafter recite the Ruqyah on the section titled: “General Ruqyah Verses” with concentration & dedication.


Intention should be focussed on during all the different parts of the treatment, not only when reciting.


Step 3:


After completing your reading, blow hard with a light spitting motion (three times) on your hands and body and rub your whole body starting with your face. Thereafter blow three times on your bucket of water and extra items as well. You can now remove the Quranic sheet from the water, squeeze it out, and burn or bury it.


You can read and blow over the water, incense, oil, cosmetics, medication, food, etc. anything consumed or applied.


Keep items closed when not in use or not being read on.