The treatment method consists of the following:




2.Cupping with Ruqyah recitations




4.12 Day treatment starter pack




Before coming for treatment, we humbly request patients to consider the following:


All information that you present to us is your trust upon us. Confidentiality is your right.


We never disclose information with regards to who has done magic upon you etc. 


Treatment is strictly male Raaqi for male patients and female Raaqi for female patients.


Ensure you have pre-booked an appointment and informed us as to how many males and females will be coming in for the treatment.


In the event you need to cancel kindly inform us 24 hours before hand. 


If you are delayed kindly inform us so that we are aware. This will enable us to allocate the time to another person.


The treatment takes time. Be prepared for at least 2 and half hours or more from the time you are attended to. Kindly be understanding if the Raaqi is delayed from the specific time given to you, this is due to the fact that at times treatments for some patients take longer and the Raaqi needs to conclude the treatment with one patient before starting with the next patient. 


Wear loose and comfortable clothing to ensure that cupping areas are easily accessible. Also bring an extra set of clothing if in the event your clothing becomes soiled.


Inform the Raaqi before you come with regards to any health issues eg. Heart conditions, etc.


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding the treatment process or regarding your diagnosis.


Never leave doubts, be direct and ask the Raaqi treating you to explain.


If you have any complaints