1.A large bucket that can accommodate at least 20 litres.


2.Olive oil (or any oil that you can apply to your skin.)


3.Senna leaves


4.Incense sticks


5.Quranic sheets


Quraanic sheets are verses of Quraan printed with edible ink, which dissolves into the water. The Quranic sheet has no symbols, numbers, etc. it only has verses of Quraan. If you do not have Quranic sheets, then reading will suffice. Recitation is as important as the Quraanic sheets. Quraanic sheets can be attained from our online store or from one of our Ruqyah centres.


How to prepare yourself


Choose any time of the day or night where you will have at least an hour of uninterrupted time to yourself (amount of time required depends on the speed and fluency of your Qur’an reading), preferably, after Maghrib or Esha salaah.


If need be, you can break up the different recitations of the treatment into different sessions. It does not have to be in one session. Ensure that you keep the items covered when you are not reciting over them.


Step 1: Make Wudhu with Miswaak, then perform 2 Rakaats of Nafil Salaah, sit in a clean pure place. Open your bucket of water, your oil, incense, senna, etc. Lay them in front of you. Place one of the Quranic sheets you received into the bucket of water.


Step 2: Recite the Ruqyah mentioned under the heading “What to recite to make items Quraanic” as well as the specific verses related to your symptoms with intention, concentration, and devotion.


Focus when reading, read with humility and respect, in a way that you are begging Allah (Ta’ala) for assistance.


Read with strength. Do not be read in a soft melodious tune but rather in a stern, aggressive way.


A good way to understand this is that you are using the Quran as a sword. If you strike hard with power, you will obviously cause more damage than if you strike softly or meekly with it.


Know and understand the meaning of what you are reading.