Ruqyah South Africa is a team of Ruqaa (plural of Raaqi) who have studied together under the same Asaatizah (Teachers). We have united to serve in this highly neglected field.


We have consulted with our local ulama, to ensure that our methodology is in conformity with the Shariah.


Many of us have been victims of Sihr and Jinn ourselves, which created this inner motivation of helping others affected by the same. We are driven by an innate desire to conquer the forces of falsehood, Shirk (disbelief) and sorcery for the pleasure of Allah (Ta’ala). We are driven by the deep-seated need to protect ourselves and others against the harms brought on because of these attacks; we are fighting a battle against falsehood, Shirk and sorcerers for the pleasure of Allah (Ta’ala).


We are treating and establishing Ruqyah centres throughout South Africa. In areas where there are no centres, we visit our patients at their venues from time to time and at times due to limitations, we take advantage of technological means. We have incorporated social media as well, as an effective form of awareness and communication to the South African Muslim population at large.


It is our aim to introduce this age-old science to the greater South African Muslim community and the world via usage of mass media as well as awareness campaigns which will also aid in the establishment of centres and building long lasting partnerships with Ulama bodies, individuals and communities.


All the above is strictly under the guidance of righteous Ulama and within the confines of Shari’ah.


We hope to train more people in order to expand on this wonderful and proven science which is derived from the Quraan and Sunnah.