Simply speaking a Raaqi is a practitioner who has studied and understands the science of Ruqyah according to the Quraan and Sunnah and who has dedicated his or her life to fighting the battle against shirk, sihr (magic), jinn, magicians, the effects of evil eye, envy, basically all types of mystical ailments and issues. The Raaqi appeals to Allah (Ta’ala) to cure the patient and uses Allah’s (Ta’ala) words: The Noble Quraan.




A Raaqi should be able to fluently recite Quraan. His belief in the words of the Quraan should be strong and he should practice upon it. The more focus that is put into the recitation, the more powerful will the Ruqyah effect be, with the permission of Allah (Ta’ala).


Now, a level of righteousness on behalf of Raaqi that is powerful enough to remove sorcery and evil eye needs to be defined. The person must have experienced accepted prayers and obtained divine responses from time to time in difficult situations.


He should also try to solve serious problems by beseeching Allah (Ta’ala), he should adopt taqwa (piety), be Allah (Ta’ala) fearing and be a righteous, practicing Muslim.


There are higher faith levels but that is not a condition to cure people, though it is obvious that the more faith we have, the more efficient we will be in healing.


We can recite Quraan with speed, but what is more important is to “feel” each verse and the words we read. With practice, the Raaqi tries to perfect his concentration, begging Allah (Ta’ala) for the patients’ shifaa, while keeping the meaning of the verses in mind, and reading with emotion, power, and speed and following the rules of Tajweed.


We cannot say that a Raaqi must be sinless or make Dhikr 24 hours a day, but obviously, he must strive to adhere to the orders of Allah (Ta’ala) and must try to stay away from all sin; he must refrain from all major sins.