Some methods of Ruqyah prove more effective than others. The objective is not to compare methods of Ruqyah and compete with people who practice this much needed Islamic Science worldwide, rather the objective is the removing of Sihr, Jadu etc. to make the lives of our fellow Muslim brother’s and sisters more pleasant globally.


In our treatment we always endeavour to provide you the best services and expert advice in all the components of Ruqyah.


Most important to us is the eradication of evil and the fulfilment of our aims and objectives, not only treating patients.


We pride ourselves in going the extra mile in ensuring that the symptoms which you once faced are completely eradicated, only through the permission and help of Allah (Ta’ala).


We always serve with integrity ensuring that the privacy, respect, dignity, and honour of all our patients, remains intact irrespective of the type or level of service required.


We never forsake a patient due to the severity of their situation or their inability to afford treatment.


We aim to connect the patient to the Quraan and not to a “Raaqi”, trusting in Allah (Ta’ala) for cure and not individuals.